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DSC 1 Training

We hold, on a regular basis 3 day courses in Dorset which usually start on a Thursday and finish on Saturday. Two days of lectures and instruction and the third day being assessment. If you can bring together a group we can usually tailor this to meet your needs including coming to your area. So if you are interested in furthering your Deer Management skills and qualifications, please call or email for further information.

Please Note: The Deer Management Qualification course Level 1 is suitable for new and novice stalkers.

Performance Criteria The Deer Management courses incorporate all the sections required to obtain the Level 1 certificate as set down by BASC

To be awarded the Deer Stalking Certificate - Level One the candidate must demonstrate knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Deer biology and ecology - Demonstrate a knowledge of the life and reproductive cycles, habitat requirements and behaviour of the six species of wild deer.
  • Deer identification - Demonstrate an ability to identify the six species of deer normally found in the wild in the UK, being able to distinguish between the male and female of each species in both summer and winter pelage.
  • The law - Demonstrate a knowledge of the legal basis for the use of firearms and the culling of wild deer.
  • Stalking techniques and taking the shot - Demonstrate a theoretical knowledge of the basis of stalking techniques, points of aim and the reaction of the deer to shot placement.
  • Safety - Demonstrate an ability to safely handle firearms.
  • Shooting - Demonstrate an ability to shoot accurately and consistently.

Of course experienced stalkers can choose to join the course candidates on the assessment day only.

These courses are a confirmation of learning

All individuals will be required to pass DMQ Level One before being allowed to register for the Level Two Certificate.

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Please note:
We are a training organisation helping to obtain your qualification(S) and are not connected to the awarding body "Deer Management Qualifications"

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